Jul 112013

Howard Richards on a Governable Plural Economy


Magnus Haavelsrud commented on the video on growth points that we created on 23rd April 2012 as follows (1st May 2012): “Thank you Howard and Evelin for this — make more! How about corporate responsibility as a topic and the new and reformed capitalism you are mentioning. Good business in other words and implications for Departements of Economy and research in economy and their great need for transdisciplinarity — also in economic thought. Greetings from oslo – magnus”
In response to Magnus’ comment, this video dialogue between Howard Richards, philosopher of social science, and Evelin Lindner was created on 1st May 2012 in Chile, in Howard’s Dialogue Home and Centro para el Desarrollo Alternativo in Limache, Chile. The video was recorded by Shelley Damaris Richards Higgins.
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– For a plural economy see the work of Pierre Calame, see, for example:
– Ethics: Paradigm Shifts that Need to be Made for the Transition, by Pierre Calame, the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress, French Collective Rio+20, January 21 2012
– Turning the European Union into a Model of Multilevel Governance Founded on the Principle of Active Subsidiarity, a proposal by Pierre Calame, 2009
– As for an experimental society, see John Dewey, The Public and its Problems, 1927.
– As for an open society, see Karl Popper, The Open Society and Its Enemies, 1945.